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7 other Gap coupons and deals also available for October 15% Off First Order w/ GapCard. Offer valid 40% Off Kids' & Baby Dresses, Pants, and Tees.

Get free samples of hand soap. On-Cor Frozen Foods. Two coupons for one free frozen meal each.

14. Three Custom Pacifiers

Pure Protein Bars. Get 2 free bars sent to your home. Simply Potatoes. Score 2 coupons for any simply potato product. Blue Diamond Almonds. You can get 2 free packages of almonds sent to your home for free. Jimmy Dean Breakfast. Get one coupon for a free box of breakfast sandwiches.

Sign up for emails to get more information on free products. Tree Top Inc. You can actually get 5 coupons for a free package of sweetener each. Firestone Tires. Get an awesome discount for oil change coupons. Neil George Hair Care. Earth Therapeutics.

You can have 1 free sample sent to your home. President Cheese. Act now to get one coupon for a free package of brie cheese. Sign Up. Updated September 19, Saving money is difficult when you still have a family to feed and bills to pay, sometimes it seems impossible to cut corners as often as you may want. Here's how to get started: Think of a few companies you'd love freebies from and head to their websites.


Bird's Eye. Get one coupon for a free viola meal.


Companies That Offer Free Samples & Coupons (With Easy or No Requirements)

Score cents of coupons. One A Day Vitamins. Yogi Tea. Get one coupon for a free box of tea. Perdue Chicken.

There Are Tons of Places to Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday

American Dairy Brands. Scott Paper Towels. Eden Foods. Get a full box of free samples. Ellio's Pizza. One coupon for a free box of pizza. Alpine Lace Cheese. One coupon for some free cheese. Small Planet Foods. La Yogurt. The link included above led to a page listing all currently available beauty sample boxes. However, at the time I added my beauty box to my shopping cart they did have free shipping.

So, it made it equal to the same deal as Walmart offers as they supply free boxes, but with a five dollar shipping fee. Either way, whether you choose Target sample boxes or Walmart sample boxes or both! Then fill out some surveys that help them gauge your different interests and determine what types of products you use on a regular basis. After that, you get you free samples of products to try for yourself and your family.

You then share your honest opinion about those products on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, or on your blog if you are a blogger. You get to try new products for free, and then tell your readers, friends and family members whether or not the product was a good find. Know, however, that not all free stuff giveaway sites are created equal. I also found as I checked out the various free stuff sites that there are some things you should be aware of.

Instead, they share links to other sites that may or may not be legit.

Auto companies offer freebies to revive sales

If a site seems too cumbersome or seems sketchy, you may want to avoid it. Knowing where to get free stuff really can be a great way to save a lot of cash. If you have ever visited websites of extreme couponers or people who have learned the art of getting free samples on a professional level, you probably know that there are ways to get everyday necessities such as toothpaste for free all year long. Now, some of this couponing and free giveaway stuff can take up a lot of time. Learn to create your own system for finding and signing up for free stuff.

Design a system that works around the number of hours you are willing to devote to the project. Then, learn to maximize what you get for free within that time frame. Then, make a place in your home to store all of your free goodies. I suggest storing them on shelves similar to how grocery stores stock their products. Doing this will make it easy to assess what you have and what you need.

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And, it will make your freebie storage area easy to use. You could store freebies you use in your own family separate from freebies you might use to give away as gifts or to those in need. By creating a freebie stockpile for yourself as well as for others, you can use free stuff to save yourself money.

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And, by donating your free items, you can help make the world a better place. Have you ever gotten free stuff online? If so, please share your experience in the comments below. Laurie works her writing and real estate businesses while being a largely stay-at-home mom to her four children. In her spare time she keeps active hiking, biking, cooking and hanging out with family and friends. This is a great list. Free sounds like the right price!

The ultimate list of free stuff - Save the Student

Another great site is influenster. For free snacks samples check out FreebieChatter. They have information on how to get free food from fast food restaurants, especially on your birthday. Free is always a great thing! Have you found these websites to be reliable in their offers and privacy? James at JustFreeStuff makes great efforts to offer up only the good stuff and has been doing it for years. PinchMe is a good one, but it can go in waves where you might not get offered anything and suddenly you get to fill your box!

This site is so amazing and useful. Because of this site we all now know those companies that give free samples to us in order to promote their new products. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. These are all great resources! I recently found a new site freebiedandy. This seems to be legit and not spammy. My son loves the Tinker Crates. We started receiving the kits in August and they have been a huge hit. My son loves reading all the information and putting the projects together. He is learning so much. We have had great experience with customer service.

One of the boxes we received was damaged from the rain. I emailed the company and they shipped out a new one within a few days. Overall, we love it. I have been doing freebies since ! I have had very good luck in getting samples and coupons since then. I have gotten soap, food, makeup, pet food, and health and beauty aids. This is a cool article.