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You request the discounts, and we chose our favorites and make it happen! You can let us know what you want to buy, and you can also suggest how much discount, but don't get too nuts. Last month we only had about 50 entries total from 30 people. This isn't like those typical social media Entering is EASY!

All you have to do is share this post and either: 1.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Equipment Sales

Post a review multiple entries allowed 2. Order swag from us multiple entries allowed We need your help to spread the word about We're ramping up our giveaways! We need more followers before we start giving away tubing benders, but we're going to. Just share this post and invite 2 or more friends to like our page. First off, thank you for providing such a great resource; easily the most informative site on the internet on the subject. I was hoping AB would come down in price a bit more on their bearing bars, or that Rogue would run a deal on the EU or chrome oly bars, but no dice.

FYI, bumperplates. Yeah bumperplates undersells Eleiko direct, at least for the time being I hear. I actually thought AB would lower prices again, but I guess they did well enough not to have to. Disappointing indeed. The x training equipment is doing a good sale on DB, and lots of other stuff. Today they are doing a BOGO on their 35lb bumper set. Any comments on the Dumbells or Bumpers?

They look really tempting. Yeah so the dumbbells are standard rubber hex. They get fairly pricey beyond 50 or 60 pounds.

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If you just need more weight any way you can get it, then snatch them up. Combined order with a buddy to get the 5 items. Question…is Rogue able to work with customers on custom racks? Thanks again! Sent them a screen shot of my email twice two days apart and have yet to receive a reply.

It took a while, but Vulcan eventually made everything right. They were just pretty backed up after the holiday. They honored the discount as advertised and hooked me up with a Vulcan banner. Big fan of this company. Just wanted to point out the Fringe decide to raise their prices in the middle of the cyber Monday sale. Is Rogue or others known to have a Christmas sale as well?

I doubt Rogue will do anything again until next Black Friday. Fringe may have a few offers, but in general, their prices have generally gone up over the past year, making them basically comparable with everyone else as opposed to the bargain they used to be IMO. No problem.

My garage gym is only lacking jerk blocks, a GHD, and a true power bar. Been keeping my eye on the sales just in case. Will probably wait on the blocks and GHD until next year, but those bars are just so hard to pass up right now. No experience with the Rhode Blocks but they look solid and well made. The Rogue offering, of course, wins in looks and cool factor.

Very solid and well built. Minimal shaking or play between the various levels.

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I think John may have briefly mentioned these in his pulling block DIY article. The Monster Blocks are awesome as well. Due to unique construction, much lighter to move around than other options. Not sure if he still does this, but Sam used to customize the blocks with any logo you wanted.

Rogue All Terrain Fat Tire E-bike

Cost is similar to Rogue but not sure what shipping runs. The blocks in the picture are actually the exact set from my old gym.

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I believe Fringe has also released a set that fits on top of existing plyo boxes. Also everything in theirs just looks so clean. All that machine cut lumber fits together so well. I know, I know. Picked up a few pairs as gifts. Generally no. Cyber Monday is the end of them. I was looking to buy a second set of bumper plates from them, specifically the set.

Only sale Rogue typically has it the normal Black Friday, and the closeouts section on the site. I want to buy one and figured that would be the best time. Oh yeah, maybe Vulcan will have them on sale — theirs is solid too. Everything is kind of meh over there lately. There is a lot of margin in that Chinese equipment… lots of wiggle room for deep discounting.

If I were in the market for an oly bar I would be allll over this. My understanding is that the quality of this particular line is quite good.

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Yeah that would make sense. I will say, I have no need for a bar whatsoever right now but my finger keeps twitching thinking about it. Seems like a steal. Have you seen any Black Friday deals that are steal yet or eye popping? Looks like Fringe Sport is the only one with amazing deals.

Not yet. Rogue will blow up tomorrow probably.

Again Faster is garbage. Do you think Rogue will keep the current deals up through Sunday night ie. I have a big order, but am being patient to see if I can score a few other items as the sale grows. Storage and the extra stability are slowly swaying me. I may jump on it, and keep the rest of my cash ready to see if they discount some HG 2.

Speaking of…. The 2. Are you talking about the GH I have the 2. AB sale hit today. Great to see them trying to stay innovative. A golden barbell — cute. It left all of the old reviews intact, but those reviews are for a completely different product.

I am not a fan of AB. Not only did I sell my green Cali. It had a slight bend that gradually got worse. I noticed that too. Do let us know if you figure out the whole finish on stainless thing. A golden bar is just whatever to me. I have literally zero interest in having a golden barbell. The new Super is more interesting, but very expensive. That said, there may be a perfectly good, non-gimmicky reason for this combination of materials, but that should definitely be explained somewhat scientifically in the product description.

Hello Jburgeson, first thank you very much for the information you provide on this site. Since I began weight training several months ago, this site has greatly helped me get educated about the products used in this sport e.

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I fully understand this. I am just practicing kilo power clean and kilo power snatch using technique plates on this bar. At this point, there is no benefit for me to use this high-end bar. In addition to the SS bearing, I have wanted the original super power bar that had been talked about on this site. When I contacted AB, I was told that it would be available shortly, likely in this calendar year. The bar was delivered yesterday. This bar looks really cool to me.